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Freedom Writers [DVD] (2007):Maxmartyn

Master Of Chess
Master Of Chess Published in October 17, 2018, 1:34 pm
 Freedom Writers [DVD] (2007):Maxmartyn

Freedom Writers [DVD] (2007):Maxmartyn

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Quinn Agathoni
Quinn Agathoni Reply to on 1 August 2017
How many times does this story have to be told? Each time it's a true story. Each time a young teacher has to struggle to make education relevant for a group of students rejected by the system and condemned to fight some kind of war before they are old enough to take responsibility for their own lives.

Way back in 1979, I bought a copy of a book called 36 Children (Penguin Education Specials) from an Anarchist bookstall in Cambridge. Herbert Kohl told that story about a class he taught in Harlem back in the early sixties. It's the same story. So is Dangerous Minds [DVD] [1996], so is Conrack and there are lots of other versions of the same story. Each time I see another version, I hope that things changed and somebody learned something but they never do do they? (I note that Amazon has Conrack listed at over 100 pounds so I guess they always fade from view. That's a shame.

Teachers all over the world find themselves in the same situation as Ms G, facing a class full of kids who find themselves in an alien environment that seems to offer them nothing relevant to their lives. I love the story. It always makes me cry even though I keep hoping someone is going to find some kind of solution beyond Ivan Illyich's Deschooling Society (Open Forum) (for example). In the case of this particular version, I loved the acting, and Hilary Swank is one of my favourite actors. I also loved the writing. I just wish more people could see it..
Bookworm62 Reply to on 25 February 2014
Watched this on TV with my 13 year old son who loved it and wanted the DVD so he could watch it again. Based on a true story I didn't feel that this had been given the Hollywood treatment as much as it could have been. The script is good, the performances convincing but understated and it has a good musical score, although this doesn't dominate. There is a little violence (a couple of drive-by shootings and a couple of fights/beatings) but this is probably necessary to convey the difficult backgrounds in which the high school students live. None of these scenes is either gratuitous or excessively violent or bloody. Quite the opposite in reality. There isn't any bad language that I can recall (unlike most US movies!) so in my opinion this is definitely suitable for kids of 12+years. A very enjoyable and inspiring movie for teens and adults alike.
russell clarke
russell clarke Reply to on 11 March 2008
Oh no not another movie about some middle class white person inspiring a racially diverse bunch of teenage gang -bangers that yeah there is more to life than getting "respec" , protecting your turf and killing each other. Hasn't this been done before? Well yes it has , most recently with the truly laughable "Dangerous Minds", but leave your cynicism by .....well by whatever the best place to leave it is , because Freedom Writers is based on a true story -a truly inspiring one at that - and whatever your levels of scepticism surely anyone with a living beating heart will find something affecting about this movie.
Idealistic first-year English teacher Erin Gruwell (Hilary Swank who also served as an executive producer), the daughter of a civil rights activist Steve Gruwell (Scott Glenn) attempts to make a difference by taking her first job in a volatile inner-city Los Angeles high school. Like Glenn Ford in "The Blackboard Jungle" or Sidney Poitier in "To Sir, With Love," Gruwell hasn't a clue about what she's getting into. But she cares, she's determined and she perseveres, battling intransigent scathing veterans and an unmoving bureaucracy every step of the way. Why she even takes on extra jobs to buy the students new books, organises fund-raising events all to the detriment of her marriage to under-achieving Scott (Patrick Dempsey)
Her class of black, Latino and Asian students are not exactly thrilled about reading The Odyssey. but through resolve and gawky determination and a willingness to meet her students on their own terms, Erin turns the class of misfits into a family of confident young scholars. Her primary inspirational tool involves encouraging the students to write diaries about their everyday lives, providing a catharsis for the under privileged teens. She teaches them about the Holocaust ,they meet some holocaust survivors played by real veterans and after reading the "Diary Of Anne Frank" they arrange a visit from Miep Gies(Pat Carroll), the woman who hid Anne Frank from the Nazi's .
Director/writer Richard La Gravanese keeps the premise simple , though there sub -plots involving sulky Eva (April Hernandez) and Andre(Mario).It could be argued that the film is over simplified and while Hilary Swank is a terrific actress , her performance is a little one note -all wringing hands and toothy grin .The scene where she attempts to get the kids on-side by playing Snoop Dog and dancing like her feet having been stapled to concrete lintels is toe curling.
Then there are the kids. They all put in credible performances but are clearly way beyond the ages they are meant to be portraying . While the film has a sincere evocative message and is genuinely moving at times it struck me that it leaves the viewer with a rather bittersweet message. We can cheer the accomplishment of these propitious few, but the film clearly proclaims that her project is an exception. If it takes the total commitment of an extraordinary individual to reach students, then isolated success is all we can expect from this damaged structure. Having said that her achievement is worthy of celebration and this film is a creditable part of that celebration .
david white
david white Reply to on 7 March 2018
Freedom writers Diary's was delivered in very good condition.
The film itself is a powerful drama which gets me every time a watch it.
The plot is gritty with some thought provoking sayings and scenes.
Freedom writers dairy's was actually a book written by Erwins pupils.
All the stories are entwined in this drama.

David White
KATHA5TROPH3 Reply to on 19 March 2013
Freedom Writers is a moving film with a diverse set of characters. The story is moving and emotinal as the students are from gangs that are involved in racial tensions. Hillary Swank is pushed to her limits as a teacher and tries to reach out to the teenagers any way she can by gaining their espect. This is a moving film that shows how diversity can make a difference and it emphasises how difficult school life can be. A touching story with a hint of histrorical influence. A must buy!
Nazneen A.
Nazneen A. Reply to on 12 June 2018
My 13 year old daughter loves this film. Very inspirational and heart warming. She's watched it several times now.
Black Wall Street
Black Wall Street Reply to on 2 January 2017
Very moving every once in a while a story comes our way and truly inspires us to be better than we ever thought we could be, shades of Coach Carter in this one but nonetheless it's amazing how many live can be transformed when people are willing to take a chance with one another it,s the sort of inspiration i could use right now
L. Adams
L. Adams Reply to on 28 May 2010
Such an inspiring story and an amazing film. Hilary Swank portrays the role of Erin Gruwell almost perfectly. As for the young actors who play the kids from the school - the empathy and compassion they manage to portray really brings home the realisation that in some areas kids really do live like this. Although the "inspirational story" genre is getting long worn out, Freedom Writers manages to top them all.

Unlike some films it doesn't stray too much from the true story it is trying to tell. As a result you become really connected with the characters and their stories and begin to feel very emotional about what they have to go through.

A film guranteed to make you cry by the end of it, just maybe not for the reasons you might set out thinking. If you don't cry well, I both admire and pity you.
Eagle Wizard
Eagle Wizard Reply to on 31 March 2008
I watched this on the weekend and was blown away. I love films and in an age of CGI animation and blockbuster special effects, it was liberating to watch a film that was so moving and inspirational.

The film tells the story of a teacher, who from her class room, managed to change peoples lives for the better and give them a tool to change the education.

This film prooves that if you dare to dream and reach for the might just get there. Watch the film as it will inpspire you.
AJ Reply to on 5 March 2015
Wow, this is based on a true story and it brings all your emotions into play, it challenged my prejudices and sterotypes and was instrumental at me viewing some things in a totally different way. The older we get the bigger the generation gap because we do turn into our mothers and grand-mothers even though we vow that we won't.
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